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Enhance your shopping experience with multiple varieties of Non-Woven Carry Bags, Hand Bags, etc.

About Us

Non-woven bags are manufactured from strong & lightweight material. Such kinds of bags, nowadays, are used to great extent by the people while shopping in supermarkets as the best alternative to disposable bags. We, Naman Packaging, started with our venture in non-woven bags manufacturing industry in the year 2010. Our mentors hard-earned experience and passion for excellence has been helpful for us to dominate the marketplace within a short period of time. Today, with our significant customer base in different corners of India, we are Manufacturing and Supplying a customized range of Non-Woven Bags, Flexo Printed Bags, Carry Bags, Offset Printed Bags etc. We also provide customized printing services,

Our bags are designed for packing & carrying garments, confectionery items, cosmetic products, electronic accessories, sweets and many other daily use consumer goods. We not only serve small-scale businesses but also famous brand names like Cera, Haldiram, Reebok, Devis Jeans etc. At present, with a monthly production capacity of 30 tons, we have established a reputed position in the marketplace and won the trust of a large client base. The quality, timeliness, and commitment are some principles which have been key factors to define our success dimensions.

How Are Non-Woven Bags more advantageous?

The best part of using fabric carry bags is that these are beneficial for manufacturers, end users as well as environment. If plastic bags are replaced by reusable non-woven bags, then it will directly lessen the increase of wastes in landfills and indirectly support our environment. Other than this, these bags are cost-effective in comparison to plastic bags owing to their reusability. Some other benefits are discussed below:

  • Non-woven bags are strong & long lasting
  • Comfortable to carry with no extra weight
  • These bags can preserve the freshness of fruits, vegetables etc.

An Approach towards Quality

A continuous strive to achieve success and maintain high manufacturing standards enables us to produce a top-quality range of non-woven bags, carry bags. Our products not only meet globally accepted norms of quality but are also available at affordable prices. Other than this, we always try to introduce innovative quality control measures with an aim to bring best possible product range for clients. Our quality team checks each product category on following measures before its final delivery at clients end:

  • Strength & print quality
  • Flexibility
  • Tear resistance
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Physical defect

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